Why no one cares about your business idea.

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When your co-worker tells you about the crazy dream he had, you know how you pretend to care but aren’t even remotely interested? The same is true about your business idea.  Nobody cares. Why? Business ideas are a dime a dozen.  Great business ideas are a dime a dozen.  World class business ideas are a […]

The only job interviewing tip you will ever need.

Job Interview Secret

I am the interviewer these days. But I remember when I sat on the other side of the table. Knowing what I know now, I am embarrassed even thinking of my previous job interviews. There is a MAGIC INGREDIENT to crushing any job interview.  It is very simple, but 95% of applicants DON’T GET IT! […]

Battle Scars of a Failed Entrepreneur

“We learn more from our failures than our successes” . . . is there a more worn out cliche? Then why don’t we read much about the reasons behind failure? There is a lot of press to the “keys to success”, but what about the “scars of failure?” I currently run a successful small business […]

Creating a Statement of Desire

I received some feedback that the post on executing a statement of desire was a bit too lengthy for such an elementary topic.  I appreciate the feedback and have adjusted it accordingly.  Therefore, what follows is a “nuts and bolts” version and you can find the full post in Smith Floyd University . . . […]