Why no one cares about your business idea.

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When your co-worker tells you about the crazy dream he had, you know how you pretend to care but aren’t even remotely interested? The same is true about your business idea.  Nobody cares. Why? Business ideas are a dime a dozen.  Great business ideas are a dime a dozen.  World class business ideas are a […]

Battle Scars of a Failed Entrepreneur

“We learn more from our failures than our successes” . . . is there a more worn out cliche? Then why don’t we read much about the reasons behind failure? There is a lot of press to the “keys to success”, but what about the “scars of failure?” I currently run a successful small business […]

Accounting for Small Business Owners Series (#1 – Accounting Methods)

  This series will address the principles of accounting with which every small business owner must be familiar.  Trust me, we do not want to put you to sleep with accounting . . . you are an entrepreneur not an accountant.  Unless you are an accountant, them I’m just kidding . . . accountants rock! […]

Response to Frank's comments about procedures

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Business Owners' Nightmares Series (#1 – Making the routine things routine)

            This post is the first in a series of posts called “Business Owners’ Nightmares Series.”  We will be striving to address the topics that we know are keeping business owners or would be business owners up at night.  At a minimum, this series should provide business owners some comfort […]

Naming Your Business

Naming your business is a personal and important decision to make. Your “name” is an important aspect of the brand of your business and will set the tone of your business’ personality. Here are some things to consider when naming your business which are often overlooked: 1.  Recognize the difference between your “corporate” name and […]

Creating a Statement of Desire

I received some feedback that the post on executing a statement of desire was a bit too lengthy for such an elementary topic.  I appreciate the feedback and have adjusted it accordingly.  Therefore, what follows is a “nuts and bolts” version and you can find the full post in Smith Floyd University . . . […]