Is Now the Right Time to Sell Your Business?

The short answer: No! “Now” is not the right time to do anything. Use this “now” as an example, if it was “later” you would not be reading this because you would be working on things that really matter to you and your future. “Now” is a time for planning and thinking, “later” is where […]

Three Biggest Lies in the Business Sales World

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There is no doubt about it, that the world of business sales is a shark-infested ocean.  From mom/pop stores that sell for $80k to middle-market deals of $10 million+ . . . to buying shares of publicly traded companies.  The sharks take on many different forms.  The most dangerous ones are those that approach with […]

Nastiest NINE-letter word in Small Business . . .

FRANCHISE!   Highlights of Matt discussing why the world of franchising (both buying and creating) is a dangerous and ugly place.   As a consumer, why do you prefer franchises over independent businesses. Or vice versa? Enter the text or HTML code here

Do you know the market value of your business?

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Why would you get an estimation of the value of your business? There are four primary reasons for obtaining a business valuation and one secondary reason: Primary: 1.  Transaction:  Buyers, sellers, lenders or others may seek an informal or formal valuation to support decision-making about a sale, recapitalization, minority investment, debt financing or reorganization. 2. […]

Selling your business on Craigslist?

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Why not stab yourself in the face instead? As a relatively well-adjusted, educated and professional that lives in the world of business sales and M&A, I can tell you, without hesitation, that you have lost your mind.  You may “think” you are avoiding the transaction/retainer fee but I guarantee that the true cost / risk […]

Mount Everest Fatalities and Business Sales – related?

A close friend mine shared an amazing fact with me last week.  In recorded history, two hundred (200) people have died while attempting to ascend and then descend Mount Everest.  Of these 200, 30 died on the way up and 170 died on the way down. Wow!  The significance of this spine chilling fact cannot […]

Three terms you must know prior to making an offer to acquire an existing business

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