Efficiency is Intelligent Laziness.

“Efficiency is intelligent laziness” – David Dunham Conventional wisdom says that to make more, you need to work more.  The opposite is true among many of our business owner clients.  The most successful entrepreneurs–those earning $300,000 or more annually—typically work 1/3 fewer hours than, and take twice as many vacation days as, those earning under […]

Battle Scars of a Failed Entrepreneur

“We learn more from our failures than our successes” . . . is there a more worn out cliche? Then why don’t we read much about the reasons behind failure? There is a lot of press to the “keys to success”, but what about the “scars of failure?” I currently run a successful small business […]

Without a hundred penguins, you can still order pizza.

Two construction workers, Tom and Steve, eat lunch together everyday for 20 years. And on every single one of those days, Tom opens his lunch box (Yes, he is still enough of a bad-ass to use a lunch box. . .i miss my NY Yankees one), looks at his lunch and then throws up his […]

Business Owners' Nightmares Series (#1 – Making the routine things routine)

            This post is the first in a series of posts called “Business Owners’ Nightmares Series.”  We will be striving to address the topics that we know are keeping business owners or would be business owners up at night.  At a minimum, this series should provide business owners some comfort […]