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Medical Practice in Paradise, Lasting, Manageable

Asking Price: $225,000 Gross Income: $246,000   This well established, maintained solo practice opened its doors 20 years ago in the heart of a prosperous, recreational, growing, low crime rate suburb of Honolulu. Today Kailua is one of the fastest growing communities on Oahu. Due to a strong client base, and only one full-time … [read on]


Student Loans Drama, Government Blunders, and Redundant Phrases

Download: Direct Download Through iTunes Synopsis:   Is there a student loan "crisis"? If so, what is the root cause? Matt discusses, and "JA" takes a hard stand. Introducing the "JA circuit" with Justin Anderson. Plus - news of the day. Share! Tweet. Post. Circle. Pin. Email. Chisel it into a rock. Do it... for … [read on]

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Dinosaurs, Death Rays & Hotel Management

Download: Direct Download Through iTunes Synopsis: Greg and Meredith Tally join Matt DiGeronimo in this one-of-a-kind interview. How can dinosaurs, Nikola Tesla, social media, and hotel management combine into entrepreneurial success? This is precisely what Greg and Meredith Tally have done at Best Western Denver Southwest, … [read on]


Four New Businesses Available

FOUR, count 'em, FOUR new businesses are now on display for you to take a look at. All are very profitable and each will offer a unique experience to you, the buyer, right here in beautiful Hawaii. Inquiring is easy and there is no risk or obligation to you. Your bright new future is now and it's just a click away.   Profitable Durable … [read on]


Fantasy Football & The Stock Market

Download: Direct Download Through iTunes Synopsis: Ever wonder how the stock market works? Or how to understand the price of a business? What if I told you everything you needed to know could be taught to you through a bottle of Sprite? What? Don't believe me? See for yourself. No muss, no fuss. How do we put a price on a business? … [read on]

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