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Efficiency is Intelligent Laziness.

“Efficiency is intelligent laziness” – David Dunham Conventional wisdom says that to make more, you need to work more.  The opposite is true among many of our business owner clients.  The most successful entrepreneurs–those earning $300,000 or more annually—typically work 1/3 fewer hours than, and take twice as many vacation days as, those … [read on]

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Do you know the market value of your business?

Why would you get an estimation of the value of your business? There are four primary reasons for obtaining a business valuation and one secondary reason: Primary: 1.  Transaction:  Buyers, sellers, lenders or others may seek an informal or formal valuation to support decision-making about a sale, recapitalization, minority investment, debt … [read on]

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Selling your business on Craigslist?

Why not stab yourself in the face instead? As a relatively well-adjusted, educated and professional that lives in the world of business sales and M&A, I can tell you, without hesitation, that you have lost your mind.  You may "think" you are avoiding the transaction/retainer fee but I guarantee that the true cost / risk of “for sale by owner” … [read on]

Job dismissal notice

You are the problem. Fire yourself.

Would you welcome drastically improved results in: Your business?  Your department? Your sales numbers? Your home life?   I present you a simple solution to do exactly this.   Toss this month’s issue of “Success” magazine aside, stop scanning this post for a list of “five whatever the f**ks” and pay attention. Looking for … [read on]

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Why “visual noise” is destroying your life.

How well could you concentrate with rock music blaring in your ears at deafening levels? In an office filled with the scent of a skunk? The constant taste of orange juice/toothpaste in your mouth? With your skin covered in poison ivy? Unpleasant and incessant senses can bring productivity to a screeching halt. The one sense not … [read on]

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